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4 years ago

Cox - Not Updating Firmware on Router/Modem - Support No Help

Having the same issues as this previous post: OP said they were able to get it resolved but only when the Cox support team wanted to. I am having the same experience that they described with call-in support - no help. 

Tried to ask what firmware they're using and they said they don't know what firmware they're using but at least they update it all the time. Not helpful. The author in the above article had the same problem almost a year ago and they have the same equipment as me - doesn't seem like firmware is updated often.

Just going to steal the previous author's post because I have the same gear and situation:

Cox is not pushing out the latest firmware to my router/modem and then wants to up charge me to fix it. I bought a brand new router/modem approved by cox and cox had to help set it up. I asked to make sure they pushed the latest firmware. A week later I am still having the same issue. They want me to add the home care package to my account and pay more money. 

Netgear has provided the latest firmware to Cox version 1.02.12 yet cox is running me in circles and will not update. C7000v2