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6 years ago

Continued Extreme Packet Loss In Phoenix, Arizona

This is a continuation of multiple threads related to extreme amounts of packet loss in Phoenix, Arizona.  This has been ongoing for well over six months of formal complaints, and after about two weeks of adequate service, I'm back to very high levels of packet loss.  

Packet loss as demonstrated by Ping Plotter:

My brand new DOCSIS 3.1 modem's logs over the course of 14 days of uptime, showing literally hundreds of thousands of corrected and uncorrected packets over a single channel, and hundreds of thousands of corrected and uncorrected packets across all other channels:

This is completely unacceptable.  Why has this problem persisted through over half a year of formal complaints?  I've gone through multiple modems, routers, and a complete replacement of my coax line from my modem to the nearest neighborhood node.  There is a serious infrastructure problem in my area that has yet to be addressed.  

This is an unbelievable situation, Cox.  Why is this not fixed?

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  • Update - coinciding with peak utilization time ending, my internet became usable again.  Unfortunately, this was long after I was asleep.  

    Cox - why is this level of abysmal service what your company considers "best effort service for a residential customer"?  How is extreme levels of packet loss acceptable to your company? 

  • Update, continued packet loss and disruption during peak times yesterday:

    Channel 15 individually has logged over 100,000 corrected/uncorrected packets in two days of uptime:

    Why is this not being addressed by your tech support team?  Why are these problems with your infrastructure continuing to go unanswered in Phoenix, despite an in home tech and two tier 2 reps confirming seeing the same amount of packet loss when pinging my modem during an outage?

  • Going on three hours of +20% packet loss.  This is awful customer service.  

  • Still ongoing - almost eight hours later:

    Customer and technical service is nonexistent.   

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      Hi Sjo102784, Thomas requests that you give him a call at your earliest convenience to discuss these issues. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Last time I spoke to Thomas at your Executive Support Team, he informed me that the purpose of his call to me was to explain that - no matter how bad my internet service and packet loss gets (be it 5%, 15%, or 100% packet loss) - Cox will not be investigating the issue further.  

        I will certainly call him to discuss this - I'm hoping your company will finally address this infrastructure problem after six months of steady communication and documentation of issues from my end.  

        There is clearly something wrong with either a neighbor's lines leading to excess noise/etc and a massive degradation of my line quality, or a problem further down the line in terms of the hops my data is taking - both of which only Cox is capable of fixing.  

  • Last night I saw over 30% packet loss:

    This is incredibly demoralizing as a customer of Cox, especially considering the past six months of reported outages exactly matching this trend.