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4 years ago

Constant High Packet Loss, All Hops, ~10% Avg

Hi, I have been dealing with really high packet loss since about Thursday, which is making it impossible to work from home as well as disrupting entertainment, mostly video games. I have called and live chatted support multiple times but they have been... Unhelpful. I really don't think a high load due to Covid-19 can really explain this kind of network trouble, especially months into the pandemic, so could someone take a look at this trace and shed some insight for me? Keep in mind, this issue affects all of our devices, the cabling has been checked, the power outlet has been switched, and for the purpose of this trace the modem itself is wired directly to my PC with a fresh cable.

To me this looks like the packet loss is originating before or at a Cox internal device at address, or a cable fault that is inaccessible to me (potentially out in your system). I'm not an expert, though. Please help.



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    Check your modem logs and post the results. Also post your signals. If you have T3 timeouts in the logs then it's most likely a Cox problem assuming you've checked connections and changed your interior cables. The first few minutes after rebooting your modem don't count, but after that you should not be getting any T3 timeouts.

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      I do indeed have T3 timeouts in my logs, and not just from restarts. I also set up a new modem today, so every piece of hardware and cable except for in my crawl space has been eliminated as a possibility.

      How do I get Cox to fix this?

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        @RNJustis, Do you have any splitters or signal amps on the cable line going to the modem? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator