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3 years ago

Blocked Sender ?

I have COX and received an e-mail which went to my SPAM folder correctly. I then selected block sender. The response was that the e-mail address was already set to block.

Why would it even show up if the sender was blocked?

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    Hi @ChasR
    Marking as spam does not block a sender from emailing you. To add new email addresses to your blocked list, go to your Inbox, place a check in the box next to the email, then click the More actions icon. From the More actions drop-down menu, click Block sender. You can also create a Filter Rule to route the mail address into a specific folder.

    Ben S.
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      This issue was because an email was in Spam File and also marked as a blocked address. If an address is marked as BLOCKED, shouldn't it not show at all?

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        Since we had an email maintenace the night before last you may need to recreate the rule to block that address again.

        Jonathan J
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