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5 years ago

Are you fed up with excessively high data usage?

I've been a network engineer for several years, my boss for much longer. We have been compiling tons of information on Cox and the way they do "business" for awhile now under different alias' and addresses. With enough leverage, I feel like we have collected sufficient data to finally push back and would like to compare / contrast with others of a similar mindset. I am absolutely confident at this point there is a case to be made here.

I doubt we will garner enough support to achieve a class action, but it certainly doesn't hurt to try. That being said, we are more than happy to take on a standard lawsuit ourselves and leave "you" anonymous. 

If you would like to discuss this in more depth please send me an email at - (not my primary email for obvious reasons) if you have any material you would like to add or would just simply like to support. I'm not here to debate or discuss on the forums and frankly I don't expect this post to remain up for long, I am just going through the proper channels first so I can document them deleting my post before escalating to more visible options.

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    I don't think posting this here is appropriate.

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