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2 years ago

Are Live Chat Support Actually Cox Employees?

I ask because I have a certain situation and I'm wondering what I should do.

I spoke with Mark S. on 7/10/22 from approximately 6:30pm to 7:30pm via the Live Chat option on my account page. I explained all the recent quality of service issues I've had lately as well as the numerous troubleshooting steps I've tried. Mark was very slow to respond and did not seem knowledgeable at all in the subject area. Not to mention many spelling/grammatical errors.

After attempting to upsell me the complete care, stating "it require Advance tech" I notified him of what I suspect to be the issue, due to the many errors and intermittent connectivity with my modem. I requested he have a tech check the signal coming into the modem from the cabling. He agreed to make a service appointment. Before committing, I asked him to confirm that it would be free and he said yes it would be. He pasted into the chat text a confirmation of the appointment, that had the CBR Number 619456xxxx. In case they need to communicate with me, I informed him that number is not hooked up and to use my cell 619219xxxx instead. He said he would "make the correction on his end"

I clicked the option to email the chat transcript at the end of the interaction, but I have not yet received an email summary. So I am guessing by this point that it isn't going to send. I took the survey at the end of the chat and answer dissatisfied on all questions and explained my reasons.

Today I went to pay my bill, despite having numerous occasions of being unable to use my services as desired (I will try and get a credit for that later), and in my email was shocked to find the appointment suggesting a $75 fee... and also that the appointment is for TV repair. I do not have cable TV service, and it was confirmed to me that the tech's visit would be free of charge. Does the Live Chat agent even have the power to waive fees? Are they actual Cox employees? Or was he just dumping me off to be someone else's problem (at my own expense) since he did not have the expertise to troubleshoot the issue?

Any suggestions on what to do? My appointment is this Friday.

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    Some of the issues/errors on the modem:

    I should mention I'm all hardwired on everything, have done multiple power cycles on all my equipment, have reset winsock, reset tcp/ip, deleted and re added my network card, all my cabling is cat-6 less than a year old (and has been working fine), not using any splitters, coax and network cables are well seated and don't have loose connectors, they are the shortest lengths practical and do not have kinks or tight bends.

    This started happening or at least I started to notice the issue starting about a month ago... only thing I can think of is we got new neighbors and they have a home office. We share a wall. Could be interference on the line??? This is why I want the line signal to be checked.

    Any input would be much appreciated!

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    I think you have to type live agent to request a person.  I've also read other subscribers didn't receive a transcript after requesting.  Chat is probably the worst of all ways to communicate with Cox.

    To cleanup this mess, i suggest sending an email to with your  Full Name,  Complete Address and perhaps the URL of this post if you don't want to re-explain it.

    You can check your signal levels coming into your modem and post an image here.

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      Thank you for the suggestions.

      Just to be clear, I was not talking to the Bot lol!! I did get the live agent and it was with him that I walked through the issue and errors and troubleshooting steps I've taken. But to be honest for the resolution I got, I may as well have talked to the Bot!!

       The first comment I posted my signal levels coming in to the modem. I hope the links work.

      I will send an email shortly. Thank you so much!

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      You can always create your own text log by selecting the full text stream and copying it to a text document.  I always do that in case a chat log isn't sent.