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4 years ago

10 Percent Packet Loss Throughout the Day, Tech's Fixes haven't helped

I've been experiencing packet loss issues for at least a few weeks. I notice this constantly in online games and when I remote desktop into my work computer from home. Sometimes I just completely lose internet on all my devices for 3-5 minutes. There ARE periods of time where the connection is totally smooth, but these are rare.

I just had a tech over today who said he removed some old unused connections and fixed a broken connector. He also added a coax cable attenuator pad to my coax cable. None of this seems to have done anything for the packet loss.

I've started using PingPlotter recently after looking into this problem. I attached an image of 10 minutes worth of PingPlotter with Google DNS as the target for reference. I'm already experiencing about 10% loss at the second hop. Is there anything else I can do about this?

I'm located in Kenner, Louisiana if that helps.

Thanks for reading.

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