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LG TV turns on saying "Input signal not found"...grrrr

I've reset the TV to manufacturer settings, ensured the TV auto-turns on cable box via HDMI. I've gotten a new cable box and new HDMI cable. I've tried both of the HDMI ports. It works once the cable box is manually turned off and on, but overnight it shuts down again and in the AM, won't work again. What can be done to make it easier for a senior citizen to just turn the ON/OFF button and have the cable TV work?

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  • I think the notes from WiderMouthOpen and Bruce are going to be helpful.

    I'll observe that I have one television (networked) that periodically just gets completely out of synch and I've found the best approach for that specific device is to just power down, unplug, let it sit 30 seconds, plug it in, and power it back up. Since the power is a little awkward to get to, I just added a Kasa TP Link Smart Plug which integrates with my Google Home. This means I can just use the Google Assistant and say "Hey Google, Bar TV off" and "Hey Google, Bar TV on" to take care of the issue. I'm experimenting with a variety of mechanisms to improve automation and control, not because I need them now, but so I am in a good position down the road to stay in our home as long as possible. Those Smart Plugs are a handy way to deal with "legacy devices" that may need a power reset from time to time.