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Tuning Adapter Reboot Issue New Tuning Adapter UPDATE

It's just about a month since Cox updated my Tuning Adapters with the new dual frequency adapters.  In the last 30 or so days, it has rebooted twice, for a very short period of time and did not trigger the "tuning adapter not connected" on the TiVo.  Other than that, it has worked flawlessly.  I would imagine TiVo will be releasing the new adapters sometime in 2023 subject to availability.  They have not been in touch with me to see if I have had any issues but did give me the email address of the person in charge of the issue to report any problems which I have yet to have to do.

For those who asked I am in the Phoenix Metro area and the Chandler facility.

  • I'm in Scottsdale and have been struggling with Tuning Adaptor issues for almost a year now.  I pretty much gave up several months ago.  I turned the TA off and just lived with the missing channels.  This after a protracted effort from COX to find the problems.  I would periodically power up the TA to see if the reboot problem had gone away, but it always returned.

    This past weekend I powered up the TA only to find that it would no longer connect to anything.  It just sat there with a slowly blinking green light.  I called COX and (twice) explained the complete history of my problems.  I mentioned the threads here where updated TA's are said to be available.  The person I spoke with (Tier 2) had no knowledge of new TA's.  He insisted that the only thing he could do was send a tech out.  So...  a tech will be here this afternoon.  Here we go again.

    Is there any way you can post the model number, a photo or any other clue that I can pass along to the tech.  Maybe a phone number, name or even an a group within COX that can provide the tech with information.

    Thanks in advance.  Hopefully a solution is getting closer.

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