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25 days ago

Tuning Adapters – Cox San Diego

A+  …Thank you, Cox!  The new TAs are up and running and all seems fine.

My good luck to get a Tech who knew exactly what he was doing and we installed both TAs in about 20 minutes.  “Leave the USB cable off for 24 hours, then reboot.   Call me if there’s a problem” 

24 hours later I hooked up the USB and the Tivo complained about the tuning adapter; rebooted the TA (about 1 min) and then all was fine, the sub-channels of HBO and ShowTime now work and everything is fine.

The path to obtain the TAs had a few ups and downs.  The CHAT agent wanted to upgrade my internet speed or else the TAs wouldn’t work; when asked for just the TAs please, said to go to the Cox store.  The Cox store rep said the store didn’t have nor expect to have the TAs, but gave me a good number to call at tech support to order the TAs.  Received an appointment for just a few days later.

Thank you!

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  • Pretty much how mine went, except I waited until all three of my old TAs reached EOL before I called. I would have happily self-installed, but that's not an option in California--pissed that I had to pay for a service call.

    A glitch is one of my TiVo/TA pairs keeps popping up a message "Tuning Adapter Connected" with the option to go to TA Settings or Continue. I've tried rebooting the pair, but the message persists... Am I going to have to pay for another service call?