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2 months ago

Tuning Adapters – Cox San Diego

A+  …Thank you, Cox!  The new TAs are up and running and all seems fine. My good luck to get a Tech who knew exactly what he was doing and we installed both TAs in about 20 minutes.  “Leave the USB ...
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    2 months ago

    You should not pay for a service call to have new Vecima TAs installed.  Cox has indicated to me that service is free, at least here in Northern Virginia.  I've self-installed 3 new TAs in 3 TiVos over the last week.  Got same indications as you.  Left TA powered on with coax connected but USB not connected for 12 hours overnight.  Next morning connected USB, soft rebooted TiVo and power rebooted TA.  TiVo indicates TA is connected system working as normal, all SDV and Non-SDV channels available.