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Factory Reset EVERY night!?!

I seem to be living in the movie "Groundhog Day".  Every day this week we are faced with the same issue.  To begin, the old DVR box was giving us a lot of trouble with playbacks.  Took it in Saturday and swapped it out.  Easy Peasy right?  Wrong.  Got home and hooked up new box....nothing.  No signal to the TV from the box.  Of course technical assistance (really should come up with a better name for them) explained how it HAD to be my HDMI cable (because that's what the paper told her to say).  Too late by now to get back and get cable for weekend.  Took box to store Monday afternoon and swapped again...assured there would be no issues.  Got home and plugged it in and went through all the set-up and voila...we have cable.  Problem solved?  Not by a long shot. Wake up Tuesday morning and put TV on....nothing.  Go to main box...nothing. No cable for tuesday either.  Tech (who had been scheduled earlier) is to be there that afternoon.  He walks in, looks at it and fixes it with just a few quick swipes of his hand.  Explains to me when they put in some information into system they made a mistake and it tells the system to shut down the box when the update runs at night.  So now it's fixed, right? Wrong!  Same exact thing happened last two nights.  Every morning i have to reprogram the main box just like it came out of the box from the factory.  Only thing i get when I call in is "SORRY" and we can send a tech out.  Already did that and he siad it was a problem with the office.  I did get them to refund me for the days I was either without cable or have to fix their equipment.  Really interested to hear the reply to this.  

  • Hi Eddie,

    Sorry to hear about your insanely irritating multitude of issues; hopefully you've gotten some resolution by now.

    A question about your statement that the initial DVR box you exchanged had "trouble with playbacks": What type of issues did you experience?

    For the past couple of months, a good portion of my recordings have issues playing from start to finish. Every couple of minutes, the show will freeze and then I'm booted out of the episode and back to the Contour Recordings screen. When playing the episode again, any watch progress is lost and the show starts from the beginning. I'm able to fast forward past the spot it froze and it will play, but freezes again shortly after; it also doesn't always freeze at the same spots when replaying the recording, so it doesn't seem as if that portion of the show had an issue with the signal when it originally recorded. This happens when viewing months old recordings and brand new ones and on multiple different channels.

    I'm wondering if this is similar to your experience and if Cox had any insight as to the issue beyond "you need a new box." I've had the same DVR for nearly 6 years, so it may be time for a replacement, but that means I'll lose everything recorded and have to reschedule all of my series, which is annoying and time consuming.

    Thanks for any feedback you may have!

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