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Why did Cox remove the great Ad-Free feature in the "Show me free movies" list?

I love having the ability to say "Show me free movies" then scroll down and select the list of "Ad-free" movies...  that displayed my Cox premium channels, Netflix, and Prime ad free movies...  that was a great feature I used weekly.    Now that has been dropped and a new select that is "Cox + subscription movies".   That is also a great step forward but it includes movies that have commercials in them.  I now see movies I want to watch but when I click on them realize they will have commercials.  You took away the ad free option which was great.    Now what would be nice is if you could fix the poor filtering options...   Maybe add a filter for ad-free...   Not sure why you have filtering options that are shown in the "Free Movies" area...   There is an option to do Critics choice - but yet in the area there is already a bar that has critic choices in it.  Same for the New Movie filter - there is a bar already available to see New Movies...   While I am on the soap box : )   It would be nice to be able to filter movies already marked as "watched" movies...  also have a way to mark a movie as Not interested so it doesnt show up again in the list...  Also have the ability to either set the filters or at least do not clear them out so once set they stay that way (for example by language, or free, etc)    So to some up...  lots of things that could greatly improve searching and sorting of movies but you really should return the ability to search by Ad Free... That is what sells your Premium channels!!!!