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2 years ago

Contour App -- missing ad free filter for movies

I noticed that they (cox) have recently updated the Contour App on my Android phone (as well for the iPhone), and I can't seem to find anymore the option to select movies that are ad-free for me.  Anyone?

I can still see this option available for the Contour 2 Box/HDR, but not the app for my phones. 

In my account I do have a movie package, so I'm wondering if they plan to bring back that option or not? 

A while back something similar happened on the box, but they fixed it:

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  • Hi Rexx, I have an iPhone, and I'm also unable to identify what free content in the Contour App is available ad-free. This option may have been removed from the app. You may be able to work around this change by adding ad-free movies to your "List" using your Contour box. When viewing an ad-free title in the On Demand menu, click the Info button on your remote, then highlight and select the + sign. This adds the title to your list. You can view "My List" in the Contour App "My Library" section. Please give this a try and see if the version of the movie you add to your list using the cable box plays ad-free through the Contour App. Let us know if this works for you! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I appreciate the reply.

      The only issue with this workaround is if someone is watching something on the contour box.  Then there will be an interruption if another family member wants to check out what movies are ad free and etc. on the box.  It would get old rather quickly for a larger family and etc.

      I'm hoping Cox returns this filter to its original state and etc. on the app.

      Another bug I spotted that when I click on the free to me movies list on the app, I still end up with films on the list that only give me the option to rent or buy.  They should fix this bug as well.

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        I appreciate your feedback and comments, Rexx. I've forwarded your posts to our app development team so your requests will be investigated for future app updates. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator