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6 years ago

Internet service shows "Service Interrupted"

All the old threads have been locked, needed to start this one. It has shown Interrupted for well over a month. Can I get this corrected to show "Service Connected" in green on my account overview page again? TV is showing connected however my Internet is not. Thanks

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  • Hi KMDonlon, I believe you are seeing the "service interrupted" message because several of your modem metrics are currently outside of our preferred range. If you aren't experiencing any problems with your internet speed and connectivity at this time, you can disregard the "service interrupted" message. If you are experiencing internet speed or connectivity issues, I'd recommend starting with the basic troubleshooting steps, like re-seating all coax connections, bypassing or replacing splitters, etc. If the issues continue, I suggest a service call. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I too been having the same issue. Online it says "service interrupted" While some of my devices connect to the WIFI, I have a few that do not connect "authorization error". Do you know what my issue could be? I have reset my modem numerous times, but the issue is not fixed.

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        Hi Envsci. If you have a few devices that are getting authorization error, you will need to forget the network on those devices and then connect again so it will ask for your network password and then type it in again. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      My internal wiring and everything related to my home has been serviced prior, most recently a maintenance team had worked on my fiber lines outside my home. I believe the issue remains on your side. Please see what your support team can do to resolve this, you have resolved this in the not so distant past via some sort of escalated ticket. See the past threads on this subject. Thank you

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        I recall there being issues in the past however nothing at this time suggesting there are ongoing concerns. If you're not currently seeing problems you can safely disregard that message.

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    I have the same issue, any resolution to this?

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    as long as your internet connection is stable and speeds are on the fair range, you really shouldn't worry about what the website shows. It might be a glitch on the web end. 

    I am experiencing the same thing about 2 weeks here in Oklahoma, they are currently rolling out the docsis 3.1 capability. Which I have had the modem for, two days ago noticed I do have docsis 3.1 channel in my modem status page.

    I have a feeling that is what's going on with your situation or as I said could be a system glitch. You should be good. If you have a signal amplifier, if they recently upgraded something on the street and your amplifier now not needed, that might be another reason. But I bet cox rolling out docsis 3.1 in your region.

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      I am on fiber and a RFoG on the house, should not be any glitches as far as I'm concerned. The connection status needs to be correct or remove it from the account page and Cox Connect app if it doesn't work. So many people report this issue yet it still remains.