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Repeated Contour Issues with no Resolution

I visited a local Cox store on 23rd street in OKC regarding issues that I have experienced repeatedly over the past couple of years.  Rather than finding a resolution of the core issue, I am told to replace the Contour box each time.  Cox has missed two appointments, promised pricing and billed exorbitant prices (not what was quoted) and management at this particular store treated me as if my issue was none of his concern.  He would not listen to my complaint and told me I needed to call customer service.  We all know how many hours that has consumed of our time due to the many issues we all experience.  And then to request an escalation to someone who actually can make changes and decisions...well, that is dang near impossible.   I am a patient customer and I understand issues arise, however this is a multi-billon dollar company and it's high time they are held accountable.  To promise a service and rely on faulty equipment and then treat the customers as if they are invaluable is unfortunate and quite frankly is a poor company value.  If anyone has advice as to how I can bypass the "customer service" line, please let me know.  Is a consumer complaint with the states Attorney General, BBB and FCC the best avenue for a resolution?  A response is greatly appreciated.  

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