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Support for IR codes for a PHEANOO D6 soundbar on the Contour 2 and XR11 controller

I recently purchased a soundbar that it's brand is not listed under the Remote Setup under the Audio Devices function. And even though I did try several times going through the long sequence of the 992 and CH+ process, I never was able to pair it.

Here is the info on the brand and model:

  • MODEL: D6

I was wondering if your techs could add the pairing codes to the Contour 2 box via an online update?  If yes, I got the manufacturer's remote control codes.  Including the main 4-digit code: 02FD

As you can see above, the above 4-digit code cannot be added with the XR11 since I believe it's not in the proper format.   So I am hoping your techs know how to convert it to the correct format?

Here are the rest of the codes for each button on the IR remote control (in pictures) from the soundbar:

The ones I only need for the XR11 are:

  • MUTE

Let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions...