Removing the duplicate HD channels on 1000-1950


Back on my Cox October 2020 bill, they announced the following:





Effective on or after 12/3/2020, we're making it

easier to watch the channels you love. We are

removing the duplicate HD channels on 1000-1950. You can still enjoy the

programming previously on these channels by tuning into the

lower 2 or 3-digit corresponding channel number.


Example: 1010 go to 10 / 1143 go to 143

Your DVR recordings, favorites and parental controls won't be

affected, so you won't have to do a thing.


To this day, this change has not occurred on my end, though I've reset my Cox cable box numerous times since December 2020 to see if it'll update (using both the online reset tool and by unplugging the power & cable lines from the cable box).

In my channel guide, I still have the 2-digit HD channels and the corresponding/duplicate 1000-series HD channels. For example, I have a channel 24 and 1024. If I favorite either channel, both get favorited. I can watch either channel, as I cycle through my favorite channels.

I understood why this duality of channels existed during the years that Cox was transitioning from SD to HD. But according to the Cox announcement on my bill, this condition would be eliminated and shouldn't exist any longer.

So what's going on here and is there a way to resolve it?

Thank you