On Demand Movies For Purchase or Rental No Longer Appear on Contour Menus

Can anyone offer advice to help me restore On Demand movies to the Contour menus, so that I can purchase or rent them?

For example, when I go to "On Demand" / "Movies" / "Movies to Buy," all I see is an error message that says "There are no programs available at this time."

When I click on an advertised Special Offer or Collection, such as a movie that is priced for sale at $9.99, or a set of movies that are priced at $24.99, I no longer see any menu options to purchase the movie(s). What I see are the usual Parental Guide, Favorite, etc. menu options.

When I access the Info button for a specific movie, and then look at the "People Also Watched" options for similar movies, all I see are Free movies or ones that are scheduled for a future broadcast time. No longer do I see any options for purchase or rental. 

I've already done a System Refresh from the Contour Menu.  I've already done a Restart from the Contour Menu.  I've even powered everything off at the electrical outlet for 5 minutes and then restarted everything.  But it seems that my Contour equipment remains blind to any movie purchase or rental options.