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Cannot connect internet to TV.

Yesterday I was on Twitter with a Cox rep. Person indicated my network correction was incorrect, had a previous cable company, Network showed ATT....She stated she was going to reset my modem, never did. Another person said possibly my TV didn't like the password, which was ridiculous, & stated to contact Samsung.. Cox is responsible for the network settings to connect Wi-Fi throughout my home. I am able to watch TV, use my internet. I am just trying to connect my internet to my smart TV to browse the web and read email on my TV. Cox was installed 2 weeks ago and I gave my network name and password to the installer. This password will not work on my network TV , possibly because the network name is incorrect. I want to know if I will lose everything if I reset my password. I believe the network also has to be changed, but I do don't want to do it for fear of losing all my connections throughout my wifi home. I have a Samsung Smart TV, LED. The modem is a panoramic. Hopefully someone can help me, as this has been going on for over a week and I have spoke with Cox on the phone for hours, only to be disconnected and no help. I was on Twitter. Please can someone help me. Thank you

  • Cox has really gone downhill.  Came home Friday and everything was off because if some ** they did in the area.  After hours n the phone, they will come out 6 days later to find out what they screwed up.  This is my 5th outage.  Their response to help customers is utterly ridiculous......  My neighbors in the same condo have ATT and they are always on and have great reception.  No problems on customer support.  When I get a chance I am switching in a heart beat...  Cox is horrible.... when asked about some outage they said they did not have to divulge information to customers... screw COX

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