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They can hear me but I can't hear them!

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My problem has been randomly  happening for over a month now.  I called COX and they could find nothing wrong, a technician came and he couldn't find anything wrong either but decided to swap out the modem. It is still happening.   I work from home and am on the phone for a living, this is pretty important. I use a wired headset.  It still happens when I use the handset.  Doesn't that rule out the phone itself being an issue and the same for the headset?  If a problem with the modem has been ruled out, what else could it be?

I should add that the phone is connected directly to the modem.

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  • I'm back (sadly) to say my problem is back.  It did disappear for maybe a week but it is back with even more frequency in a given day than before the 1st (of 3) technicians arrived.  The last technician did give me his cell phone number and I have been in contact with him about t his but there is apparently no obvious solution.  He has promised to come by tomorrow to replace the tap, per my request and is getting the "field supervisor" involved who handles the line on the street, whatever that means. Tech # 3 can only deal with what goes from pole to me....that's the best understanding I have.