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Voice Tools - History - Outbound calls No CallerID, just phone number after mid June 2019

Have talked to several Reps and all say this was a "Feature Change" that happened mid june when new Voice tools add NoMORobo functionally.

When I view my History, prior to mid June - All of my outbound calls still show CallerID data and after mid June only the Phone number. When I view the Voice Tools via Cox Connect App they show the phone number and "unknown" under it.

I feel this is a "Programming" error and NOT a "New Feature". Where is the documentation?

Please restore this functionally.

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  • Cats and KevinM2, after fiddling with the different hardware platforms from PC Web interface, IPAD and cell phone connections to the Cox Connect Apps, I've come to the following conclusion.  First, KevinM2, I was wrong about the CallerID not reflecting the correct info.  You were right, if you enter each platforms Address Book, or Contact with correct data, this info will be reflected correctly.  I had trouble with the Contacts for the IPAD.  My InBound does now show either the callers User info or my entries in the Contact.  My OutBound shows Unknown or entries from my Contact. 

    For the PC interface, the Address book is used along with the incoming call ID info.  If no Address book entry, the Outbound on the PC just has the phone number called.  The original confusing thing was the different platforms having to supply their own Contacts.  I was thinking that the Apps just read the Cox Database that I saw on the PC Web to Cox....I guess not exactly true.  My Bad.

    For Cats main question about a change occurring about mid June, when he started getting Unknown, yes...something had changed....Go ahead and just add all your good numbers into the Contacts and move forward.

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