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Had to replace the gateway.

Now my HP 205 prnter wont connect because its looking for 2.4ghz and it says it only sees 5.

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  • Well thought I would chime back in and finish this..... After talking with Cox Tier 1 a nice young lady setup two networks for 2.4 and 5 which satisfied my printer and roomba but didn't help opening closed ports on my other devices. I was then moved to Tier 2 for an hour then sent to Tier 3. Tier 3 guy was didn't understand the closed ports and simply said the gateway has to be messed up. 

    He went on to say that all the routers in the Cox store are refurbished units and the chance of getting a new one is remote. So off to the store I went for another one and told them the story and I wanted one that works.

    After getting it home and hooked up devices started coming on line.... Voila. The bad is that everything i had setup needed resetting again.

    Thanks and have a jolly good day.