very slow upload, download slower than usual, connection drops

Is anyone else experiencing very slow upload speeds in Phoenix AZ?  It started yesterday.  The problem is intermittent. Yesterday, we had a Cox tech inspect the lines on the pole in our alley. 

The connection improved.  Today I am experiencing a very similar problem. 
I work at home and the software we use requires a faster upload speed.

I pay for 500/10 and have the updated panoramic model.

I called Cox again this morning the rep saw lots of packet loss and connection problems. My connection improved shortly thereafter.  
Another tech is on the way today.  

I have been working at home for over 2 years and have never reset my modem on a regular basis.  
Cox sent me an email earlier in the week about the planned outage in my region to increase bandwidth.
I wonder if one of the reasons why Cox is now doing this service upgrade is due to similar problems experienced by many other local users.