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Email not working right after having to change my password.

I had to create a new password the other day. And now my email is screwed up. It’s right away sometime other times it says the settings aren’t right but will eventually send it. And I can’t use my other Email app now. It says wrong user name or password. Which I have put in right. It also sends some emails to my junk mail folder. Especially ones I send to myself that it never used to do before. I pay mor for this than my utility bills combined. I don’t pay to have my electrify only work in some rooms at certain times or whenever it wants to. I have all the setting for email set correctly but wasn’t having this problem until after I had to set a new password. Any clues? It’s pretty irritating. 

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  • Hi Mswenson1. I am sorry to hear that your email isn't working correctly after changing your password. The best way to fix the issue with your email not sending is to remove the password in the email settings for both the incoming and outgoing server settings and save it. You will get an error, which is expected. Then, go back and verify the user id doesn't have in it and re-type the new password and save the settings for both incoming and outgoing server settings.

    As for sending some emails to the junk folder, it is possible that there is something in the subject line that is causing these emails to be routed to your junk folder. This folder isn't created by Cox email, it is a folder that is your device created and we have no way to keep these emails from landing in this folder. If an email is in the junk folder that you don't think should be there, you can mark it as not junk and it should go to your inbox.

    If you need one on one help with the email settings on your device, please contact us via email and provide your complete address and what device you are using and we will be glad to further assist you. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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