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Internet disconnects every 12 hours at approximately same time each occurrence

Good morning, I have a Netgear Gateway C6300V2 that has been disconnecting from the internet approximately every 12 hours. The lights on the device look normal like my connectivity is good, but the logs show that I've disconnected from the internet for approximately 5-10 minutes each occurrence. It used to happen around 4pm/4am but has gradually moved to 6pm/6am over the last couple of weeks. Could this be a DHCP renewal causing the downtime?

I'm unable to log into my router when the disconnect occurs, and a ipconfig command shows no connection at all to the internet. All wifi devices and my PC connected via ethernet to the device cannot access the internet during the downtime.

Any ideas how to fix this issue? I'd share logs but I think my first post may have been disallowed because of including them. So I'm reposting.