Intermittent internet

Every 10 to 15 mins (its random) the internet drops for a minute then come backs to full speed

Problem started Tuesday night with an outage,  verified via cox website entire neighborhood was out, figured it will be fixed  overnight so went to bed 

Next morning go to work(work at home) and i noticed the issues, internet drops constantly every 10 to 15 mins, is not a clean drop either, it goes slow like dial slow then drops then comes back

Now if i was just sitting home watching netflix no issue, yes its annoying but i can live with it,  the problem is if i am talking to anyone over the phone as i work from home due to corona mandate the call drops and that is not acceptable as its my job.

I did as the cox website told me to, unplugging modem, waited , plugged in, problem persists,  i then reset modem via website...problem persists....unplug modem and router, wait 10 mins, replug both wait....problem persists 

I called tech support and the lady had not idea an outage happened in my area and has me unplug modem, replug it in, then she reboots modem and problem persists,  she seemed annoyed and not care about my issue and try to sell me a service plan...i politely declined..that was annoying, she then gave up and scheduled a tech and ended call.

I had zero issues in 10 years and 1 outage and now its a mess,  its aggravating as i feel the tech wont be able to fix it and i smell a sales pitch coming

By the way my modem is 2 years old, so no chance thats it

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  • We are also having this same issue and there’s a large community forum, on Nextdoor Vineyard, of others having this same issue. Have read many posts of the exact issue. Cox treated us the same and resolved to send a tech out this morning to check house working. Will see what happens, but Cox needs to look at their system if posts like these are everywhere.  

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