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Has anyone noticed a large increase in the GB usage at the end of their year statement? and never had this problem before ever?

I have been a cox customer for almost a yr, I ONLY switched to cox because a family member works for them and referred me, I haven't had a problem with my billing and NEVER went over my GB data EVER. I am a single mother with 3 yr. I work full time and I know my 3 yr old is not using my data up. The rep that i spoke to really couldn't explain just said well it shows your data is over so you must of went over. I have see past forums with people complaining about this, no lap tops in house or any other devices that can be streaming just 3 tv's and one never is used. I feel this is a mistake and I feel overcharged. If someone would explain to me exactly what caused this would be great, 2 other people I know had this happen to them too.  something is not right. I feel like this is a scam. I work with the public everyday and provide customer care, I am loyal customer and always pay my bill I feel taken advantage of. Nobody will prob read this but I will share my story with everyone I know and NEVER recommend COX to anyone.