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Another Victim of DATA Usage SCAM

It all started wit this.As of November 03, 2019 your household has used 85% of your data plan for the current period, which ends on November 16, 2019. Lets face it no company really cares whether or not anyone you get good service especially COX. I am a user who all of the sudden got scammed with the "DATA USAGE" scam. Lets face it, I am in IT, like many of those you scam & you're data usage does not just sky rocket. They don't have any "meters" that all of the sudden are not working, this is INTENTIONAL. And I simply wont put up with it. I am just going to cancel. I am one of those people who stared out trying so hard to not say "COX **" like all the other customers. Bought my own modem, picked a conservative speed (100MPS) and was reasonably happy paying a huge price for decent service but then this **. I am not one to spend hours on the phone I make a statement with my dollars. Don't want to be scammed? You have to disconnect from the system. The average call center employee is going to go through the " How to help a customer save data usage" which is standard issue verbiage for Tier 1. You wont get anywhere with these people they don't know about the scam, they think you are just stupid & do not understand how data usage works. If you are really persistent you can speak to an actual "supervisor" which is just Tier 2. You know the guy who repeats what Tier 1 said but with explanation. Neither one will ever get the idea that COX cable is screwing with data usage to get more money.At this point today I am getting that I used 85% of data used for period ending on 11/16/2019. I HAVENT USED even 1/16th of that based on what you call DATA USAGE. In some days I wasnt even there. YES you can speak to a specialist who will ask you for some data  to see of you're cox data matches you're router meter but why why why? Does someone have to go through all that extra work just to get freakin internet. I was just about to set up digital phone service as well & but not now. It will be just another DEVICE that will pick up some weird issue, that no one can fix that I have to EXTRA for.I have already been down that route. They will tell you 10% between the home router usage & their meters is normal. The best part is right in the middle of the SCAM you get these awesome helpful people that send you messages like this"

"If you do need more data, we are introducing additional data plans soon, including an Unlimited option" GOOD LORD trying to get customer to pay more because you cant help them. SMH thats awful. BTW note that some of the COX representatives have let me know that COX rounds up when it comes to data usage.

NOTE: They have thousands of these complaints.& COX states they have "checked their little meters to make sure they are functioning" All one has to do is check the NetForecast 2016 article on inaccuracies of COX cable data usage to know they have a huge problem that they attempt to fix with words. I worked for Comcast cable in 2004 and they were such a scam they were voted WORST customer service for decades. COX could beat them because Comcast didnt steal money from my bill by adding BS charges.

* Bottom line is 90% of the people who COX is doing this too, is either paying the difference believing they are the culprit. or are going through thousands of hours of back & forth with COX showing them the data usage from their routers & arguing with customer service to get a credit. I WILL NOT DO THAT.

Americans are sick & tired of fighting with their phone company, their cable company, facebook, etc etc. There are thousands of complaints about this issue, & ZERO topics for resolutions or causes. This issue makes me nauseous. I am seriously wanting to move forward with a class action suit. I have read through thousands of complaints & COX either pushes back to the customer or makes them jump through thousands of hoops to "pretend' they are investigating some issue; BOTTOM LINE: You as the customer deserve to have decent cable service. I have 1 computer, NO TV, No phone service, I work 8 hours a day & somehow I am using 85% of the data? Then to get a credit, I have to do 1-2 hours of IT work (re: providing meter usage logs, answering dozens of questions, nothing but a waste of time). This seems to be an issue with other providers, especially Comcast put they are shady & they are not beyond doing anything illegal.In the case of COX cable I am not saying they are doing anything illegal because they haven't been caught like Comcast was. But there is something WRONG. And guess what? Its complicated to fix if anyone tries. And lastly the TOP people in the IT field all agree that COX is doing something to boost the data usage, & its not the customer.What is wrong with these people?

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  • They upgraded me for free to a "faster" plan I asked three times if anything was going to change they said no only the speed. Turns out that now I have a data cap that I never had before.  These people are crooks that overcharge for subpar internet because they have a monopoly in their area.  

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