Signal Power issues Tech support on phone with no help

I noticed when I logged in to the modem that most of my Bonded channels are over -18 power level.  This all caught my attention due to slow and intermittent Internet.

I have COX Panoramic modem with DOCSIS 3.1 with the Ultimate Package 300 down and 30 up.  my usual is between 96 - 190 down.  

I called tech support and they guy had no idea what I was trying to tell him.  I told him the about the signal power level and he asked if the microwave was on and to restart my computer,   with the usual reset modem restart computer.  With me telling him that I'm wired and the only device on line he still insisted that my wireless connection is my issue.

I requested a tech come out and check my line for SNR and power level issues and he said that they wouldn't fix my issue that way and he sees no problems.  

I need assistance in getting ahold of a Technician that can assist in my getting things fixed.