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Your upload speed is unacceptable trash.

I stream on Twitch to supplement my income. Between the hours of 7:30 and midnight (primetime hours, and the only time I can be live because of my dayjob) it's a coin flip whether your upload speed will be usable. During my stream tonight I dropped in the ballpark of 10,000 frames over the course of five minutes. That is the same as not streaming. You are messing with my money.

We have had techs out to the house every couple weeks over the course of the last three months (as we did the LAST time we dealt with this issue last year) and none of them can see our packet loss because it doesn't start until after 7, and none of your techs are out that late.

If I had literally any other option in my neighborhood I would switch to them instantly, because your entire company is bad, and you are keeping me from being able to perform.

  • I am also having the same problem. I am paying for 30, and oh their speed test internal and all say I get that. it is wrong, they are shaping traffic to make it look good or something.
    I test other places,, uploads to servers my friends run (also on cox networks 5 blocks from my house), twitch upload tests(amazon servers so yea, not some little place) youtube upload tests (google servers, not small) all come back at 7 mbps on a good day, and often going into the kbps range. I have had 3 techs come out, submit tickets to get more work done and nothing. 

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