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** internet, may have found problem

We have been having terrible internet service the 8th, and I called to report it on the 9th. Nothing has been done, nobody has even checked outside wiring or the box that serves our small apartment building. Been getting inconsistent speed, half the speed we're paying for when it is working, massive packet loss, lag spikes, trouble streaming movies, can't stream to streaming services like Facebook Live or Twitch due to having no upload speed at all.

Have swapped out cables between modem and wall outlet, there are no splitters in the house as we only have internet and single cable from wall to modem. Modem is roughly 3 months old and has never displayed trouble before. It's not the modem. Internet worked fine for everything a week ago with no issues. First issues noticed on 8th with worsening service on 9th prompting tech support call. Have reset the modem more than 100 times to no avail. Disconnecting and reconnecting the modem will not fix the issue. There is never, ever, any valid reason to even reset or restart the modem, period. So please, stop and learn how to do your job. Also, ethernet cables have been swapped out with 3 different ones, still the same problem. We have multiple computers, all display the same problem no matter which is use to speed test or ping plot or trace route. 

This evening I decided to look at the hole in the ground that you call a connection box. There's no box to it. There is only a hole in the ground, full of dirt, leaves and water all over your antique cable equipment along with a dozen or more splitters and a rat nest of disorganized wiring of which only 2 are marked for the 8 apartments in our building. I have no idea which cable is supposed to be mine. Some of the cables are just laying free and exposed, some not even terminated. Some cables have splitters with multiple cables attached, but the other side connected to nothing and not terminated. 

There's also a large, roughly inch-round copper grounding rod driven into the hole apparently to serve as a ground for the equipment. BUT THERE IS NOTHING HOOKED TO THE GROUNDING ROD.  WHY???

These pictures you are about to see are awful. And it tells you all you need to know about how little Cox cares about us customers. I've seen better wiring jobs with telegraph wiring in the 1880s. There's no excuse for this filth in 2019.

I'm guessing this explains why everytime it rains that we have internet problems. Can you imagine how much corrosion is on that connectors and splitters? Everything is exposed to the elements. The building next door I thought might be better since they have an actual above-ground cable box, but it looks like it's been ripped open, door laying down, cables hanging out everywhere, theirs gets rained on too. 

And between our building and the building next to us, neither cable system is secured to prevent tampering or stealing of service, so for all I know someone has likely tapped into our connection and is stealing our internet service. 

I demand something be done about this and get this mess cleaned up along with giving us our internet service we're paying $85 a month for. And we better be getting deductions from our bill for our lack of service since it is no fault of our own and I've reported it numerous times over the past few days.  I may also have to seek a complaint with the Better Business Bureau is no serious action is taken to resolve our problems. It is not our modem. It's your lack of concern for your customers.