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Modem Provisioning and Gigablast Speeds

I recently upgraded to Cox's Gigablast package and opted for a self install kit to be shipped to my home.  When the kit arrived, it included a Technicolor Panoramic WiFi modem and an Arris TM3402A "Digital Telephone" modem.  I noticed that the Technicolor modem has both LAN and phone ports.  I didn't want to add a cable splitter to allow me to use both modems, so when I called to activate the Technicolor modem, I asked if it could also support my phone.  The technician said the modem hadn't been provisioned to provide phone support and proceeded to provision it.  Now the device is providing both services.

Speed tests show that I'm getting about 600 Mbps download speed.  That's not bad, but I'm wondering if provisioning the modem to provide phone service may have affected the overall download bandwidth.  (I realize a phone doesn't need anywhere near 300 Mbps...)

Should I install the separate "Digital Telephone" modem and reverse the provisioning of the Technicolor modem?  Or might there be another reason for my download speed that I can address?



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