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2 months ago

Netgear CM3000 support

Good afternoon. I have the Netgear CM3000 modem. It is a 2.5gbps modem but is listed as only 1gbps rated. Is there anyway to have this updated so I may upgrade my internet to 2GIG? 

Your quick reference states so as well.

It is simply the newest version of the CM2000.

Thank you.

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  • Hello  escocrz


    Go Beyond Fast (2,000 Mbps, or 2 Gbps) service is available in select locations. To find out if your area has 2 Gbps available, please reach out to our Sales Team: 1-800-234-3993, or online through our Live Online Chat Sales Team:  


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    Hello MichaelJ thank you for the response. The issue is the sales team will not add the service without an approved modem. For some reason the CM3000 is listed as only 1gbps and lower.  Maybe it's too new? Thank you. 



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      Escocrz, it appears this may be the case.  If newly released into the market.  Any modem would still need to be lab tested prior to being release on our approved modems list.  Once done, you should have no issues contacting sales and upgrading the account at that time.  We wouldn't imagine that it would take that long getting added.  Being that it is a new and advanced product but would not be able to provide any timelines in regard to that.  We would only have to say is to monitor our approved list online to see when it has been added.