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My Insane data usage solved!!!

Just wanted to take a moment and post for other cox subscribers out there that may have an issue with reaching the 1TB data cap. Recently I went over my 1Tb, I had never came close to this amount. For the life of me swore we actually used less internet than the previous months. Well turns out my new Technicolor cgm4140 gateway from cox will pull 300mbps and higher on the 5GHz frequency. This caused my netflix accounts to stream at the highest quality setting because by default it is set to auto quality. This will cause your data usage to go through the roof. I changed my account setting on netflix to medium on main account and low on the other users for that account and for the month of January I have only used HALF of my data. My old gateway would only do between 25mbps to 50mbps so the stream quality was never high and I would see between 300 to 500 Gigs usage. This also applies if you have youtube and other apps that have it set to auto stream your quality. Hopefully this helps with anybody having the high data usage problem I had.

  • What do you do if cox usage meter says you are using 80gb a day? When I unplugged the modem from the wall two days ago? wasn't using any internet the past few days cause I knew I would not be home, and i just did not believe cox when they said I was close to going over my limit of 1024 gb... So I decided to see if their data usage meter was accurate... So with the modem off, unplugged from the wall for two days in a row it now has me at record usage of 80 gb per day? Now I know for sure cox internet is LYING and Inflating customer gb usage...they are trying to inflate customer usage to gouge money from customers...I think cox internet users need to file a class action suit .I do not have Netflix or any streaming services... I did months ago but cancelled it all months ago... SO I NO LONGER STREAM ...  COX COMMUNICATIONS INTERNET ARE LIARS PURE AND SIMPLE... ZERO DOUBT ON THAT... HOW CAN YOU BE USING 80 GB A DAY USING ZERO INTERNET??? MODEM OFF?? UN PLUGGED? IF ANYBODY ELSE HAS THIS ISSUE? LET'S GET A LAWYER AND FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT.

  • Hi MaryX, The method we use to record data usage has been verified accurate by an independent source. The link to this article can be found at with additiona factors that can affect data usage. We will be glad to review your account. Please email us at with your full street address and please include a link to the conversation.
    -Greg P
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