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Unable to sign in to email/webmail


I have an email account with Cox which I have not used in several years. I'd like to start using it again, but I can't seem to access my account.

I've tried the following:

  • IMAP: All of the correct server addresses are autodetected by my mail client (Thunderbird) but my password is rejected.
  • POP3: Same, server settings look correct but my password is rejected.
  • Webmail (Classic): After sign in, I am directed to and cannot view my email account.
  • Webmail (Enhanced): I get directed to my Cox Account page as if I'd signed in to directly. If I click on either of the email links (i.e. 'Cox Email' at the top or 'View Cox Email' in the Internet section) it just reloads the page.

I see the webmail behavior with both Firefox and Chromium; I installed Chromium specifically to test this in another browser, so that I would not have any plugins or extensions that would interfere with page loading.

I'm switching between Classic/Enhanced by clearing cache/cookies and then visiting The old (?) login form seems to let me switch between the two.

While working on this I have signed in and out of several times, so I don't think I'm locked out. I am not sure how I would be able to tell.

What's the best way to go about getting this fixed? I first noticed this a few weeks ago, so I would hope my account is not still in the middle of a migration or something like that.