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Internet Issues - Consistent Lost Packets North Phoenix, Arizona


I've been a Cox customer since we moved out to Arizona (about 5 years ago) and have experienced this issue intermittently since.  I've had techs out on site multiple times, each giving me a variety of reasons as to why our internet service is flaky.  The problem has become so consistent over the last few weeks that I've been completely unable to play any competitive online game due to packet loss. 

While gaming, I noticed a number of packet loss issues on multiple games, which led me to begin a ping test in the background while gaming.  As it turned out, I was seeing frequent (multiple pings lost per minute) packet loss.  My network is entirely hard wired (aside from phones, on wifi) and all ping testing and trace routes were performed on a wired connection. 

Here is one of the PingPlotter (graphed trace route) results from my test:

As you can see, there is no internal packet loss.  The packet loss begins at, and continues throughout the path to Google's DNS server.  In addition, the response times and packet losses increase when the network is being utilized to a higher degree (while gaming or streaming video for example), but the packet loss still occurs when the network is essentially idle.

I had a tech out on Sunday (July 29th) who said the signal was fine and the modem had to have been the culprit.  I've replaced both the router and modem with new hardware, and I've duplicated the packet loss and high latency responses on three different computers - one on OSX and two Windows systems with the use of four different network cards.  The results are also repeatable when wired into the modem only.  The exact same symptoms occurred before and after the router and modem replacement.

At this point, I've had at least six different tech visits, twice as many tech support phone calls, and numerous hours spent verifying cabling and swapping cables/etc for troubleshooting purposes. 

I need assistance.  I do not want to switch ISP's, but at this point I don't see much of a choice.