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Contour App on iPhone, & Samsung tablet

Two days ago our Contour app stopped working properly.  We live in Santa Barbara, CA.  The only channels we can watch are upper channels, such as 22,25, 57, 106, 1125. We can’t get any of the regular channels such as 3,4,5,6,8,11,13 etc that we’ve always gotten.  It’s been two days since reporting this to Cox.  The first agent I spoke with at level 2 tried the app on her phone.  She was in Arizona.  She had the same problem and so put in a ticket for it.  Today I followed up and was put through the gambit of questions, only to be told they haven’t fixed the problem yet. Has anyone else in my area been able to get their app to work.  What happens exactly is if I go to say for instance channel four, the “watch” is not high lighted in black. So frustrating!

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  • Well, tonight I am writing to give everyone the latest update.  Yesterday I was contacted by email, and then telephone by the Cox Social Media Support Team.  After more troubleshooting and removing app, clearing cache & cookies, turning off my device completely, reinstalling the app.....yada yada.......checking the filters, and more, still NO luck.  

    This morning I awoke to an email from their team asking for permission to reset my password, providing me with the temporary one, so they could log in on my account and try to troubleshoot the problem that way.  So, story continues!  Haven’t heard anything yet.

    Tonight on our main TV we wanted to watch the Presidential Debate.  Our guide said it would play from 8:00 - 11:00 pm on channel 3.  Well, the cox guide was WRONG.  It was only aired at East Coast time (our time being 5:00).  The guide was incorrect and we missed the debate.  When we called Cox, she reset our cable box to see if that updated the guide.  It didn’t. So now we have two open tickets.  What gives? 

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