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6 years ago

Will contour 2 DVR recording times ever be fixed?

With the original Contour I could choose from a few minutes to 6 hours extra DVR recording time. With COntour 2 you basically made any thing over 30 minutes obsolete. I have a certain sport that I watch that can go over by more than 3 hours. I set the record to live show, and almost every time, it stops hours before the live event is over, and more often 5-10 minutes just before its over.

Contour 2 was supposed to be superior to the original, it's not. Slower load times, Lag, stutter during normal TV play, DVR recording times are terrible (features removed). Still unable to watch my DVR shows on anything but a rented cable box.

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    Hello, with Contour 2, you do have the ability to start a recording early or extend the end time in which the recording ends. For live events, the options are 30, 60, or 90 minutes late. Recordings of some live sports events will be extended automatically for overtime or extra innings. I have submitted feedback to our back-office team who handles Contour 2 feature requests and enhancements. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      What do you mean it will be extended automatically? If the Indy 500 had started late, would you have extended it past the measly 90 minutes extra Contour allows me to set?
      Why not give us the option to set it for 3 hours extra? I had that on my Tivo and it covered nearly every circumstance.
      For that matter, why can't you give us the option to record by time and channel?  We could set it manually, so that when your guide is wrong (See the Tennis Channel, which almost always records incorrectly by default), we can just do it ourselves.

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        Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. We have submitted a feature request form to see what can be done about these options for you. We will see what can be about this for you. In the meantime, you can record the program after the show you want to record to make sure you get the event your are attempting to record.

        Mark M.
        Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Dammit!  I programmed to record the Boxing: PBC: Jermell Charlo vs. Jorge Cota (since I was going to be out of the house during that tme) and it got cut off right before the main fight was going to start.  Dammit!  -- Luckily it will be shown tomorrow night, but still, what's the point of setting up the recording program if it doesn't record the entire show from start to end -- even if it goes overtime?

    Luckily, it seems like MLB or Soccer games don't suffer from this issue, since Contour 2 always seems to know that the game is going overtime, but when it comes to "live" boxing matches, it always fails.  And I don't think the 30 minutes overtime would not be enough for a fight that will last over 45 minutes (that's if they go the 12 rounds) -- since it got cut off right before the fight was going to start (fighters walking towards the ring).

    You guys (COX) needs to fix this.  Somehow give Boxing broadcasts to also have a signal trigger to the Contour 2 to know that the show has not yet ended like your MLB programmings (or however it's done?).

    Please fix this!  Never had this issue before with the older dinosaur DVR boxes -- since I always made sure to record over an hour or so of overtime.  Since fight programs never start on time nor end on time.

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      Hi Rexx, when you set up the recording initially, we would recommend extending the recording, For live events, the options are 30, 60, or 90 minutes late. Recordings of some live sports events will be extended automatically for overtime or extra innings. However, by extending the recording manually, this helps to resolve the issue. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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        I really think you guys should fix this on your end. These live Boxing matches should also have the automatic extended feature built-into the Contour 2 box.

        For example, the rerun fight tomorrow, I only had the option to go over 30 minutes.  Though tomorrow's fight is not a live show, I doubt it will start and end on time as it's scheduled -- since it seems to be in the same time bracket (time length) as it was today. 

        And since it's going to be broadcasts on a sports channel, earlier programming can also cause it to never start on time and etc.

        I think I will have to do some trick where I also try to record the two scheduled shows after that fight, so I make sure I record the main fight.

        This has happened before to me, and this is why I think you guys need to fix this on your end.

        And keep in mind that with fights, the main fight is the one on the end of the broadcast -- so if the DVR cuts off early--well, what's the point?  lol