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2 years ago

Two fried tvs

We've had two perfectly good tvs fried within 2 months of each other. Our main living room tv was 10 years old. Thought it was just old. We would get a black screen when we turned it on. Rather than go out and buy a new tv immediately, we brought in another one from a different room in the house. Tried to turn it on this morning and got the same exact black screen. What could be happening here? I'm beginning to think it has something to do with our cox equipment and not the tvs. We have a Cox provided modem+router combo and a cox contour box with this tv. All the other tvs in our house are fine. My husband is an electrician and has tested the outlet our surge protector goes into and confirmed power is fine. 

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    So...the replacement TV worked for 2 months and then went black?  When you turn on the TV, you don't see the manufacturer's splash screen?  Power light on the TV?  What happens went you navigate the TV settings with the TV remote?

    You could connect another HDMI device to the TV to test, such as a streamer or Blu-ray player or, even though you probably don't have an antenna connected, you could test for just static.  Press the HDMI Input button on the Contour remote to check for any life.

    You could also try to launch an app installed on the Smart TV or update its software.  It may be the cable-box.

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      replacement tv has worked for years in a different part of the home. put it in the living room, worked for 2 months, then started doing the same thing the first tv did. the tv will turn on, but will only show a black screen. This tv is not a smart tv, so we can't try other apps. 

      Good idea to test another HDMI device to the TV. we'll try that and see what happens. 

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        Did you try moving the replacement TV back to the room where it worked before to see if it still works there?