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5 years ago

"sorry there seems to be a problem" -

 When I change channels I get the "sorry there seems to be a problem".  I reset the receiver/DVR.  It works for a while. Then it stops working and I get the "sorry" message again.

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  • Hi vabaylee,

    Is there an error code associated with this message?

    Cox Support Forum Moderator

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      The only "code" i see says "XRE-03121".  Not that says "error".

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        @vabaylee, do you have a splitter in the home? If so, can you bypass that splitter to see if that provides temporary relief? Splitters can lose signal gradually over time or simply fail without warning. From what you're describing, this may be an indication of a signal issue. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Hi Vabaylee,

      We would need to send a signal to your box that will refresh the box along with doing a reset. This reset is a little different from the manual reset. Please let us know a good time for us to send the signal. Your box will turn off temporarily for a few minutes.

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