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Remote won’t control TV Powerr, only audio

I just exchanged my contour box for a new one, as my old one died. This one came with the XR-15 nremote. My old one used the XR-11 remote. I went through the setup, and paired the remote with my LG TV and my Sony audio receiver. I tested the TV with the volume AND the power button and both contolled the TV.  I then continued to setup the Sony audio receiver.  I tested it with the volume and power and it controlled both on the audio receiver.  But now, when I hit the power button, it turns off the audio receiver, but not the TV on the first push.  If I hit the power button again, it turns off the TV and turns on the audio receiver.  How do I remedy this?  I paired my old XR-11 remote with both and it works like it should.  What am I doing wrong?  


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    Was your LG powered on when you paired the Sony?  Just me...but I'd factory reset the XR-15 and re-pair each device.

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      Yes, the TV was powered on when I paired with the Sony.  I’ve reset and repaired several times, always with the same result.