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6 years ago

On contour 2 dvr cannot play back all of a program that runs more than 8 hours

Have an Arris Contour 2 dvr.  I am recording Wimbledon, which can run as much as 10 hours (or more if it goes long). My recording indicates 601 minutes, but at 8 hours exactly will stop playing back and kick me out to the tv.  Have tried this several times and it is consistent, making me think that 8 hours is a limit for recording.  In fact, Cox tech support reset my box from their end and suddenly the recording is 479 minutes instead.  A tech has been out and verified that my signal is strong.  Have talked to Cox support again and they agree that it is a limitation of the Arris box.  I am posting this because I couldn't find any other report online, and only the 4th person I spoke with at Cox could verify the problem., so if anyone else has the issue at least they'll know they're not imagining it. 

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    I'm not aware of any documentation existing with regard to this nor have I encountered anybody trying to capture a single recording this long so I can't say with any certainty that's the case however it's plausible a limit exists.