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6 years ago

Missing red dot on program guide - Contour 2

We have a Contour 2 cable box/DVR and there seems to be a slight glitch in the guide software. We have a program set in the scheduled recordings, but when browsing the guide, the show does not have the red dot next to it in the listing to indicate that the show will record. My mom uses the red dot in the guide listings to tell her if her show is set to record or not, so it's confusing to her when the red dot does not appear. Any ideas what might be going on here? 

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    I'd suggest trying to restart the box first by disconnecting power for two minutes and reconnecting to see if a reset helps at all. If still not working, try pressing the Contour button then go to Saved -> Scheduled to see if the recordings are still set.

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      Thank you for the tips. We did all that, and I was even on the phone with tier 2 tech support, and she was stumped, too. It's weird because the shows do show up in saved -> scheduled, it's just that sometimes the red dot does not appear in the guide next to the shows that are set to record.