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3 years ago

DVR not allowing replay

Tried to watch a recorded program that we have not watched. Message indicated that we had already watched the recording and gave no option to replay, only delete now, or don’t delete. Shouldn’t saved recordings be viewable even if they have already been watched?

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    Hi @Dbelle

    , I can relate to what's going on, and I want you to be able to watch your recorded shows without interruption. And you should be able to see your show after you have watched it. If you go into, Saved, then Recordings, you should be able to select the recording, then hit OK, and there should be an option for you to 'Restart'.

    Ben S.
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      I followed your instructions but only have the option to delete or not delete the recording, no restart. I went to the Help section and was able to restart the cable box. That didn’t resolve the issue. I then unplugged the cable box for two minutes with the same results. 😕
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        Hi dbelle,

        There are a few troubleshooting steps we can take before scheduling a technician. Let’s try some test recordings.

        • Record three minutes from the same channel of the recorded program.
        • Record three minutes from a different channel.

        Please advise if both recordings play normally or if either recording fails to play.

        Cox Support Forum Moderator