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2 months ago

Crappy Tv service & no help from technical support

On Monday evening, my cable started acting up, which it has done before but usually fixes itself.  This time it did not.  I tried everything they say to do.  When I try to reset it through the app, it doesn't work.  (and the fact that I have to login EVERYTIME to the cox app is really annoying!!) On Tuesday, I returned the box, which I have done SEVERAL times before.  Hooked up the new box, same thing.  Just shows a single letter or something on the box and does absolutely nothing.  Contacted support, they couldn't send a signal because my box wasn't online or something.  So, on Thursday, I again returned the box and got a new one, same thing again.  Still technical support couldn't do anything, so had them send out a tech person on Friday.  He came & couldn't figure out what was wrong.  Said I needed some other type of box & he supposed to bring it today.  Contacted support last night, to see if I could get some kind of credit because I haven't had service for 5 days, after chatting with someone for almost an hour, then for some reason transferring me to someone else, I'm told they only give credit when there's a power outage.  
So, they know i don't have cable, it's something with their equipment & they have no clue what is wrong, yet they can't give me a credit for 5 days???  The fact that every time I have had to return a box (which has been a lot) that they don't even ask what is wrong with it, says a lot to me.  I think they know their equipment sucks & just don't care.  I am so close to getting rid of them all together for cable.  We have nothing but problems with them.  My bill keeps going higher & the service gets worse.  If I had another option for my internet service, I would change that too.  I am in Louisiana and have limited options for cable/internet.  I've been with them for over 22 years, and they still can't help me.  

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  • Hi Michael,

    I apologize you are having trouble with our service and for the experience you have had when getting help with this. Don't hesitate to contact us privately so we can look into this. Our email address is  Please include your full street address and a link to this forum post.


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    I’m having the same problem in CA. If I trick the update and don’t let it update the box works fine. If I let it update it sticks on the B in boot. I have to unplug and plug about five times to get it going. Have they fixed yours? I’m ready to leave them too after forty years. I might swap out the box tomorrow, and the modem after that. 
    Good luck. 

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      Of course they haven't fixed mine.  Shockingly the guy never brought the other box back on Saturday.  I chatted with someone on Saturday & all they did was try to do the same thing everyone else has done.  So, after almost 2 hours of chatting, I quit.  We got rid of their modem long ago, because I got tired of paying them even more money, so we got our own.  Our box hasn't even updated because it won't come on.  It has power, but either does nothing or stays at the welcome screen.  So, we are now a week without cable that I'm still paying for.  So, I think we are officially done with cox.  We've just has enough of their bull crap!!

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        Hi michaelmc2,


        The purpose of the Cox Video Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox High Speed Internet services with other customers.  We would like to help with your service loss issue, please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at

        Be sure to include the URL so that we may identify you.  


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      Hi Mchalder, 


      If you still need help with your cable box updates, please feel free to reach out to us via Twitter CoxHelp, or Facebook. We're on Social Media 24/7. 


      Thanks for being so patient, 



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        I only had to unplug and replug the box three times to get it going tonight. It’s getting better. If I could turn the update off, it would work fine.