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Cox Mini Box Cisco DTA250 pixelation and tiling and running hot Cox send out refurbs that don't work

Have had our Cisco mini box replaced a few times but Cox keeps sending out refurbs that don't work. The most recent one is a DTA250-COX-K9 from 2016. We get pixelation and tiling and it runs hot. The AC adapter/ power cord runs 88-90 degrees when idle and the mini box runs 90-92 degrees when idle. When running the adapter/ power cord is 92 or so degrees and the box runs 98-100 degrees or more.

All other AC adapters/ power cords run at 78-80 degrees at idle and while running. Other devices run about 68-70 degrees around the ambient temperature when idle and around 75-85 degrees when running. No other devices runs as hot as the Cox mini box. The other deices area a Roku Ultra, Nvidia Shield Pro, and audio receiver. Cox mini box has plenty of room to breathe and is on an elevated and vented metal platform. Measured using a Fluke 62 Max + a very accurate IR temp gun.

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    Could be foreign voltage on your coax cable line. May be best to have a tech come look at your house wiring. As for the AC adaptor, have you thought about putting it on a surge protector or check the outlet you have it hooked to? Mini boxes dont usually get that hot.

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      Thanks. We tried both a Tripp Lite Isobar surge and a Furman Power Station and had electrician check home wiring and coax cable line. We also tried other outlets but the issue persists.

      We'd be very happy if Cox stopped sending defective refurb boxes for 2012, 2014, and 2015.