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5 years ago

Contour 2 cable box won't turn back on

I'm a recent cox user, have connected a cox contour 2 cable box, its Ethernet connected and connected to a Samsung Q80 Smart TV, connected to HDMI 4 (ARC).

Every morning I'm having to unplug and plug in the cox contour 2 cable box to work. 

The samsung report hdmi 4 has to signal and has a power on button request for cox cable box. This has no impact, also pressing any button on the contour remote has not impact. The only way to get the cable box to work is to inplug and plug back in.

Any assistance or guidance would be much appreciated.

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    I have this exact same problem.  I have paired the remote with the cable box and it did not help.  I also have changed the settings with both with the power saver on and off.  The issue remains the same. 

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      I have done the same, appears contour 2 cable box goes to sleep and just doesn't wake up.

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        @Barrios, Does your tv show a no signal message or just a blank screen? Also, does anything happen when pressing the guide button on the remote? -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      When you have a moment please email your full-service address and full name to so we can investigate.

      Jonathan J
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        Was this resolved? I'm having the exact same problem.