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4 years ago

Contour 2 - Can't record ESPN or ESPN2

For the last six weeks I cannot DVR either ESPN or ESPN2.  There is two problem tickets on this issue.

The first was closed without resolving the problem.   I finally got a tech over here this week he gave me a new

Contour box a new modem double checked the signal strength wihich was fine but the problem is not fixed.

All other channels record fine  inlcuding ESPNU and ESPN news.  Is anyone else having this problem?

I am in Connecticut.

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  • @Walzar, Are you getting any error messages when trying to record on those channels? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      If I just select a show from program guide no it just reverts to whatever program I’m watching. If I do an unscheduled manual recording it records but when I try watching I get a  xre 06026 message.  

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        Your video ticket is still open for this error. It can take 72 business hours for an update.

        Cox Forum Support Moderator