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6 years ago

cable-video-on-demand-temporarily-unavailable-v205-408-with-tivo-bolt - still continues

This problem with the Tivo Bolt having full access to VOD continues from 2 yrs and 3 months ago.

I am having issues identical to those described in the posts (links below) for the last 10 days.

In addition to getting V205 when selecting a program from My Shows, when I select a program I should have access to, within VOD, it either says I need to upgrade my subscription or simply plays the 90 second preview instead of the actual program.

All the usual has been done including re-pairing the cards and eventually a technician replaced the cable cards to no avail.

I am flabbergasted that despite this issue being elevated to tier 2, and a ticket being generated, the knowledge base available to the technicians do not reveal that this is a known problem or what v205 means.

So I alerted the tier 2 manager about these posts, but she, not knowing what else to try, suggested that I use the forum to seek resolution.

It was a good idea, but it is also frustrating that this is what it takes. 

Although it's a server problem, the posts don't actually specify what the fix was so I couldn't share it with the folks that I've been dealing with.

I sure hope someone moderating this forum, perhaps Becky who handled the post from 3 months ago, can intervene and restore my access to VOD.

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      I did .They were on one of the many calls with tier 2. 

      Pretty sure the problem resides on the Cox server side. 

      Hopefully, Becky will weigh in .

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    Hello RMS,

    The Tivo VOD issue has been escalated with an open ticket. Please email so that we can provide the ticket number and details. Thanks

    Cox Support Forums
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      Respectfully, a ticket has been open for days with no resolution and no path forward. 

      I was told to the post here, by the tier 2 folks to see if I can't expedite a resolution .

      Since this is still an issue for me and others, it would be better if the solution is posted here so I can share it with the folks helping me .

      Silly, isn't it...